Trip to Israel Winners

Are.....Carol and Jerry Strassman!

Congratulations to Carol and Jerry Strassman, our 2013 Trip to Israel Winners!

Thank you to ALL! who supported The Seattle Kollel in this fundraising campaign.

DONATIONS CONTINUE TO BE GREATLY NEEDED to fund our outstanding Teachers and variety of Classes and Events!

The Seattle Kollel provides excellence in Jewish Education for All Jews at Every Level!

To Donate ONLINE click the "Donate" button on the left side of the screen OR CALL 206-722-8289 with a credit card, or MAIL in your checks today!

Passover Break

until Rosh Chodesh Iyar

Thursday May 1st

The Seattle Kollel will be on Passover Break until 1 Iyar, Thursday May 1st

A very Happy Passover to You!

Chag Kasher VSameach!

Challah Baking

Thursday, April 24th

7 pm

private home in Bellevue

Ready for Challah again??

Come be inspired about the beautiful mitvah of Challah baking.

Make and braid your own Shabbat loaves to take home.

For Women Only at the home of Janice Brumer in Bellevue.

Contact Shaindel Bresler for location 206-779-4373

23rd Annual Dinner

Tuesday June 10th

5:30 pm Cocktail Reception

6:30 pm Dinner

Join us as The Seattle Kollel celebrates its 23rd Anniversary with a Gala Dinner!

Details coming soon

Brunch and Learn Sundays

At The Kollel

8:00 am - 10:30 am

Start your family's week with nutrition for the soul!

8:00 AM "Minyaneers" Tefilla led by kids

8:50 AM Bagels, Danishes, Coffee

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM Classes.

Classes for KIDS:

Rabbi Waxman learning with Older boys: A Midrash and A Maaseh

Come learn the timeless Midrashic lessons from the Parsha as they come alive thru meaningful and powerful stories.

Rabbi Steinfeld learning with Younger boys.

Mrs. Waxman and Mrs. Groysman learning with Girls: Tanach Super Women

Classes for ADULTS:

Rabbi Bresler: Journey Through Halacha: We will pick a topic and go through the pertinent sources from the top down- Chumash to Talmud

to Rishonim to Later Authorities- along with modern applications and practical insights. We will be focusing in particular on those laws that deal with interpersonal relationships.

Rabbi David: Advanced Talmud: Tractate Gittin for men

For more information or questions call 206-722-8289. No Charge.

Sponsor a Week's Program in honor of a loved one for

Partners in Torah



8:00-9:00 PM

Come and Learn ANY Jewish subject, Hebrew reading, Parsha, Jewish Law and Ethics and more. Beginner and advanced study. We will set you up with a study partner! Men and Women

Sushi and refreshments will be served.

Contact Rabbi Waxman at

732-690-5961 or

Daf Yomi

9:15 PM

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Evenings

Daf Yomi Mesachta Sukkah

at The Seattle Kollel.

For more information or if you would like a Daf Yomi Class at a different timeof day, contact Rabbi Avrohom David


Daf HaYomi B'Halacha

Sunday through Thursday

7:45 pm

The Mishna Berura is a commentary on Orach Chayim, the first section

of the Shulchan Aruch. We are now studying Chelek Vav; the Practical Laws of Yom Tov, and include topics such as;

May I change a flat tire on Chol Hamoed?

Is it permitted to shower on a fast day?

Am I required to leave an area unpainted as a Zecher L'Churban?

Does one fulfill the mitzvah if he pays for his esrog by check?

Join us at The Seattle Kollel or via the internet at Zoom.US.

For more information, Please contact Rabbi Meir Waxman 732-690-5961

JWRP Trip to Israel!

For Jewish Moms

June 29 - July 8, 2014

Registration ends Friday April 25th

Connect to the Heritage that is yours and bring it home!

It's like Birthright for Jewish Mothers with kids at home.

Contact Shaindel Bresler


Trip to Israel for Men!

JWRP Trip to Israel for Jewish Men

November 9 - 17th, 2014

Connect to the Heritage that is yours and bring it home!

For Jewish fathers with kids at home.

For inquiries: Contact Rabbi Avrohom David


click for cost details

Lunch and Learn


12 noon to 1 pm

At Island Crust Cafe on Mercer Island

With Rabbi Ben Hassan

Relax at the Cafe while exploring the weekly Torah Portion, looking critically at the Parsha themes, commentaries, and their relevance to modern-day challenges and experiences.

No charge for class, delicious menu items for purchase.

To be added to our weekly e-reminders email:

Classes for Women

Sunday Evening

7:30 PM at the Kollel


Wednesday Noon

Private Home Mercer Island

Join us for Women's Only Classes:

"Jewish Ethics and Philosophy" with

Rabbi Avrohom David

Sunday Evenings

7:30 PM at the Kollel

RSVP: 206-369-1215

"Torah With a Twist" with

Rabbi Yehuda Bresler

Wednesdays at 12 PM

Private Home on Mercer Island

Questions and Location call:


Climbing The Summit

Class for Seniors

The Summit At First Hill

1200 University St, 98101

Thursdays 2:45 pm

Bi monthly

Climbing The Summit- Fascinating Torah Insights From a Mature Perspective As a senior, you have a wealth of knowledge and experience about life. The Torah contains the wisdom of the ages. Combine both for an amazingone two punch of enlightenment. Join this dynamic bi-monthly Torah class given by Rabbi Meir Waxman of the Seattle Kollel.

For more information and schedule contact 732-690-5961 or

Camp SEED!!


Dates to be Announced

9:30am - 3:30pm

Give your children the opportunity to engage in a large array of challenging and fulfilling activities and sports that encourage their talents, skill and creativity.

Allows campers to build meaningful and lasting friendships with kids of all Jewish backgrounds.

Offers a warm and dedicated staff to address each child's individual needs. Teaches children of all levels about the sweetness of their heritage and its values, and helps them appreciate their unique role in Judaism. Provides a wholesome Jewish day camp experience in a friendly and safe environment.

Mincha and Maariv

Sephardic Mincha will resume after Passover: 7:45pm

Monday - Thursday

Maariv: 9:00 pm

Sunday - Thursday

The Jewish Journey!

Year 1


October 22nd to June 10th

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Life is a Trip!

A Jewish Live is a Journey!

Start yours today.

Learn Judaism from Birth to Death,

From Spiritual to Physical, From Alef to Taf, From Mystical to Mundane.

An organized approach to understanding YOUR Heritage

Delve into the Timeless Wisdom of the Sages.

Sign up today!

Click for details!

Art Exhibit and Sale

Rabbi Yonah Weinrib's Art Pieces are currently on display at The Seattle Kollel.

You are invited to tour the walls of The Seattle Kollel to view his exquisite artwork. Rabbi Yonah Weinrib is a world renown artist and calligrapher who specializes in elaborate, researched based manuscript illumination.

These samples are for sale, or we will assist you in ordering beautifully framed original pieces. All sales benefit the Kollel.

West Seattle TLC

West Seattle

Torah Learning Center

Your Jewish Family in West Seattle.

Join us for Shabbat and Holiday Programing as well as other West Seattle Classes and Events.

Contact 206-722-8289 to be added to this E-Newsletter.


Jewish Student Experience UW

Welcome To the Jewish Student Experience at University of Washington!

The JSE at UW welcomes you to a year of opportunities! Find YOUR place, right here...Inspiration. Soul food. Israel Trips. Friendship. Hebrew classes. Retreats. Torah wisdom. A place to just chill. And of course, our famously gourmet Shabbat cuisine!

Contact Rabbi Aaron Steinfeld

Daf Yummy Cookbooks



$20.00 each or

Set of 2 (one of each) $36.00

We will happily mail for an additional $4.00 each!

From the kitchens of The Seattle Kollel   we are proud to present:

DAF YUMMY COOKBOOKS a unique and delicious Fundraiser.

Marion Davis BBQ Sauce!

Marian Davis BBQ Sauce - fabulous on chicken, beef, fish, and vegetables!

$5 bottle, $24 Tub, or case of 12 bottles for $55.00.

All profits of the BBQ sauce now go to the Seattle Kollel.

Bottles are available at the Kollel,, Mutual Fish in S. Seattle, and other fine stores or at to purchase or the list of stores around the USA.

Our Mission and Our Vision

OUR VISION: To be an excellent community focused organization, dedicated to continuous Torah Education in Seattle, which attracts, welcomes, and inspires every Jewish person to continually increase his or her knowledge of Torah, thereby enhancing Jewish life and strengthening Jewish continuity throughout the Pacific Northwest. JEWISH LEARNING FOR EVERY LEVEL! All Jews are welcome.


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